Stockton Earth Home Project

An earth home is no more a cave, than a penthouse is an attic.


This site will chronical the construction of Les & Rachel's earth home.  We have planned and planned; speculated, planned (planned some more), talked about it (and then planned some more) for years.  Family and friends were never quite sure if we were serious or not.
Lo and behold, May 19th, 2007, we actually began excavation of the property.  Preparations, at least on paper (including contracts) went on long before this.

Check back every now and then and check the Progress Report and pictures.  We hope to update on a regular basis.

The Concept

Although this home is an earth home (or underground home), we are not digging into the earth much.  Instead, we have chosen a site at the crest of a hill and we will build the house there, and then afterwards berm up on the north side (except for an area we have retaining walls to have a small back porch), and on the east side; and then finally, we will have 3 feet of earth on the roof.

Terra-Dome ( put up the concrete structure for us, and then the real work (for us) began.  The structure itself is concrete with plenty of rebar for strength.  The walls are approximately 10 inches thick, and the roof a little less.  The modules (28ft by 28ft, there are 4 modules) have domed concrete roofs; the greatroom having a 6 foot octagonal skylight.  Initially, the skylight wont be operable (how do you make an octagon that large operable?), but after we're in the house, we hope to raise the level of the skylight and add some operable louvers benearth it to the sides, to provide a chimney effect to cool the house in the hottest part of the year.