Stockton Earth Home Project

An earth home is no more a cave, than a penthouse is an attic.

Understanding the Site

This page is to explain the website and how to get the most out of it.

  • Progress Report - This is a blog tracking the progress of the construction.  This means that the most recent news is first, with older news next, and so on.  At the bottom of the blog, there is a link to "archived" or older entries going back even further.  Usually, the blog keeps a set number of entries on a page, and if you want to go back further, there's a link to do so.
  • Answers - This page was added to answer questions that people ask me frequently, as well as questions posted in the guestbook.
  • Photos - There is a page with entries to various photo albums that we've made to track progress.  Each page has a set of "thumbnail" photos.  Click on these to see a bigger photo.  Once you've got a bigger picture, if you want, you can click on that photo to get a full-sized photograph.
    There is also a link to an IP-Camera on the photos page.  Hopefully, I'll find time to put up a second link to a second camera.  The first camera was great for a while, but now that the house is up, it's pretty much a surveillance camera.  I plan on putting a second inside the house.  It'll have night-vision and will be up 24 hours a day.
  • House Plans - The House Plans page works just like the Photos pages.  And we've tried to comment some of these pages so that they will make sense to you.
  • Other Photos - The Other Photos page is just a link to our Google photo album area.  There were a few additional photos that we posted here, early on, because when we first set up our freewebs account (where this site is hosted), we were limited on the amount of space allocated for the first week or so.
  • Guest Book - Please sign the guest book.  We'd really like to know how many people are interested in what we're doing and we welcome your encouraging comments.
  • Notes - We've started compiling a Notes page, to contain various how-tos that we've come up with for doing some of the numerous tasks that we have in building the house and/or preparing the site.
  • References - We've created a References page to contain a list of books that we've found useless for building your own house.  We included two at the top of the list dealing with money, because it takes money to build a house and so many people think they can't afford to build their own house.  Most people can if they get a handle on their spending.
  • Links - We have a Links page that contains links to other websites that have earth homes and/or energy-efficient homes that people can build.
  • My Link - This is juat a link to my account, which is a free site that contains a bunch of "favorites" links that I can access from multiple sites and multiple computers.  The link goes to my EarthHomes category of links, which I think is what is of most interest to those using this site.  However, I have a number of categories on the right side of the page, which cover a number of topics, from firearms to politics, from Biblical interests to science and math, from computers to gardening.  There are a lot of homesteading and home building too.
    Oh, and is free, so if you like it, you can set up your own account and have your own favorites listed.  You can choose to keep some of them private or share them all as I have done.