Stockton Earth Home Project

An earth home is no more a cave, than a penthouse is an attic.

Why Are We Building An Earth Home?

We've had people ask us "why an earth home"?  "Why an underground home?"  There are several answers, both from me and also from my wife.  Where do I begin?

For me, I've wanted to do this since I was a teenager.  I wont tell you how many years ago that was, but I will say that it has been for more than half of my life.  The reasons then, and then reasons now vary.  Self sufficiency.  Energy efficient.  Comfortable.  Low maintenance.  It boils down to those aspects.

We live in tornado alley.  Living in an earth home is a good thing when you have tornados as frequently as this area of the country has them.  I've lived in this area most of my life and although I've never been in a tornado, I've seen one in the distance more than once and that's close enough.  Living in an earth home is a degree of confidence.

Global Warming?  Maybe.  We're not sure if there really is global warming, or if it's just man-bear-pig.

Modern houses are wasteful.  They leak energy like a sieve.  They leak money like a sieve.  It is ridiculous that people can be paying over $500 to cool their homes in the summer, but I know people that are paying more than that.  Why?  Maybe people should be asking those folks "why an energy inefficient home?"

I could go on to describe my reasons, which do include energy efficiency (rather than waste).  For Rachel, it's simpler.  She tells people "it's to live comfortably, save energy, and save money".